Willie Geist's kiddie karaoke party goes up in smoke


Remember that infamous scene in "Mrs. Doubtfire" when Robin Williams' character throws a petting zoo party for his son in the family home? Sally Field, who plays his wife, flips out when she finds a donkey in the dining room.

Well, TODAY's Willie Geist found himself in a similar situation this weekend.

From time to time, his kids throw karaoke parties and blast One Direction songs. To up the production value, the thoughtful Willie picked up a fog machine for this weekend's festivities. 

One problem: He didn't check with his wife first.

"I brought it home and [my wife] Christina's like 'What,'" he recalled on TODAY Monday. 

"Trust me, it's going to be great," Willie responded. 

Willie cranked up the fog machine and hooked up the strobe light for the ultimate kid party.

"The house fills up with fog. It's nuts," the hip dad said.

There was one big problem though: the smoke alarm went off. While trying to turn it off, he accidentally hit the carbon monoxide detector. 

Moments later, Willie got a glimpse of his wife through the fog. She gave him what every husband doesn't want... the look. Then, the fire department and a state trooper joined the party.

The moral of the story? "We're not going to have anymore fog machines," Willie said. 

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