Willie Geist's 5 tips for dads: Get ready for the naked parade

Willie with his 4-year-old son George.

As part of our weeklong series #BornTODAY, we asked co-anchor (and father of two) Willie Geist to give us his favorite parenting tips for dads. If you've ever wondered what life in the Geist household looks like, here is a glimpse. 

Block out a solid 72 hours to assemble the furniture for the baby’s room
IKEA and Target make it all sound so easy, but then they hand you a pile of lumber and tell you it’s a changing table. Clear that calendar, pour a stiff drink, and start making a crib. Then, when you’re nearly finished, notice in the directions that you’ve done everything backward, disassemble the crib, and start over — pausing only to pour yourself another drink.

Willie Geist and his family.

Get used to nude exhibitionism in your home
Sometimes you’ll come home from work to find small naked bodies parading through your house. I mean that literally: your young kids will be naked and marching in a parade, instruments, batons, and all. The third or fourth time, you stop even noticing.

Don’t act like a hero for doing once the thing your spouse does 10 times a day
“Did you see that? I just changed a big diaper! I’m gonna go lie down.” You’re not a hero, Dad: you’re 1/10th the hero your wife is all day long. Just change the diaper and shut up.

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Choose your favorite word that your child pronounces incorrectly and never correct it
They’ll learn eventually how to say it right, and that day will be a sad one for you. My 6-year-old daughter still says, “renember”, as in, “Renember when I was a baby and I used to say ‘renember’?” My son says, “Avay-vable”, as in “Dad, is Eric avay-vable for a playdate?” We’re hanging on to those for dear life.

Willie with his daughter Lucie, 6.

Never ask your wife as she’s going out of town for the weekend and leaving you with the kids, “Honey, what do they eat?”
I asked my wife that once as if my own children were rare, exotic birds. She closed the door and went to the airport without responding. For the record, it turns out they survive on chicken tenders and juice boxes alone. Who knew?