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Dad confab: Willie and his father friends talk diapers, tears and monsters under the bed

In time for Father's Day, TODAY's Willie Geist chatted with some of his dad pals to talk about the joys and challenges of fatherhood.
/ Source: TODAY

Willie Geist and his pals Mark, Wes, Chris and Kevin have lots in common — their friendship, of course, but also because they're all dads.

So with Father's Day just around the corner (on Sunday!), we've been talking about dads and what they do best on the TODAY Parenting Team. Geist lent a hand by gathering his buddies together to talk about how they handle big stuff and little stuff alike — from the boogeyman to diapers.

Willie Geist and his friends
Willie Geist and his fellow father friends.TODAY

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Here's some highlights from that dad confab:

Building the crib

Putting together baby's first bed totally terrified Geist. "I opened the box and I said, 'I have no idea what any of this is ... I'm not ready to be a father.'"

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Handling the monster under the bed

For Chris, he and his wife have invented "magic spray" with a little glitter in it. "'The magic glitter's coming,'" he said they say ahead of coming no de-boogeyman the bedroom. ""They spray it and they lay down and then eventually [there's] peace."

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Willie Geist and his friends
Willie Geist and his friendsTODAY

Getting emotional

It's all right to cry in front of the kids, said Mark. "They can see that there's a comfort level, being touched by human emotion and ... express those types of feelings. So I'm OK with it."

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Dodging diaper patrol

These dads are great guys, but even they have their limits. When there's a diaper that needs changing, Wes suggested, "Pretend like you smell nothing."

Chris was all in with Wes, but said there might be exceptions. "If the last 24 hours in the relationship [with your spouse] were not so good, yeah, I'm on it. 'Let me change that.'"

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Clearly, these are five guys with their priorities in order. Be sure to watch the rest of the video for more good times ... and good advice!

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