Kate and Will's rumored baby name: It's definitely royal!

Chris Jackson/Staff/Getty Images Entertainment  / Today
Kate Middleton's Baby Girl Name: Is It Elizabeth?

When it comes to the most anticipated baby since Blue Ivy, the hints just keep dropping. We're talking, of course, about the royal bun in the oven of Kate Middleton. First, the Duchess of Cambridge was hospitalized with severe morning sickness, and the blogosphere went crazy predicting twins. Then everyone went crazy thinking that she possibly, accidentally dropped a hint about the baby's gender. (It's a girl! Everyone thinks.) Now, both the baby's nickname ("our little grape") and rumored real baby name seem to have been leaked. So what's the royal moniker?

Well, according toUs Weekly, it's ElizabethDianaCarole.

Surprising? Not really (and it's not like we were expecting a crazy celebrity baby name from the pair), but we think it's a lovely choice. Elizabeth, which comes from a Hebrew name meaning "God's promise," is obviously a name with a rich royal tradition—starting with the fact that it's the name of the current queen and also the name of the Queen Mother.

Diana, of course, is the name of Will's late mother, and a sweet tribute. Plus, it comes from the Latin name meaning "goddess."

Carole is an ancient Germanic name meaning "freeholder" and it's the name of Kate's mom. (Carole Middleton's middle name also happens to be Elizabeth!)

When it comes to picking a name that pleases your family—something that might be more important to Kate and Will than your average pregnant couple—we think this one is pretty darn perfect. In fact, we'd say it's fit for a princess.

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