The royal baby hoopla Kate & William will follow (and what they'll skip!)

Royal Baby Traditions: Will William & Kate Follow Them?
Royal Baby Traditions: Will William & Kate Follow Them?Amir Hussein/Contributor/Getty Image / Today

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By Jenny Ward

Whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge become parents to a little prince or princess, you can bet on one thing: There will be tons of tradition surrounding the royal baby's arrival. But it's expected that Kate and William will do a few things differently. Here, predictions about which royal traditions the new parents will follow from our friends at iVillage UK:  

Traditions to Expect
—Announcement via railings
It’s custom for news of royal births and deaths to be attached to the railings of Buckingham Palace, so we can expect a simple statement detailing the sex of the baby and well-being of both the mother and child.

—Salute of 41 guns
Royal births are usually celebrated with a Royal salute of 41 guns. Hundreds flocked to Buckingham Palace to celebrate William’s birth, and after the thousands of people who rejoiced at the Royal wedding, there should be a similar turnout.

—The name
There is naturally much speculation about the name of the new heir, with Royal names such as George, James, John or Albert for a boy, and Victoria, Elizabeth and Anne for a girl emerging as likely. Not to forget, there's the possibility of William and Kate honouring Diana's name. However, predictions for Princess Beatrice as a baby were also Victoria and Elizabeth, and more exotic names such as Beatrice and Zara have certainly paved the way for less traditional sounding names. With princely names Harry and William rising massively in popularity, there is no doubt the Royal baby’s name will become just as popular.

Traditions That May Be Broken
—Revealing the sex of their baby
In royal tradition the sex of a baby isn’t revealed, with Diana apparently knowing that she was expecting sons and keeping it secret. So, it came as a surprise to all of us when it seemed as thought Kate hinted that the royal baby would be a girl.

—No-nanny upbringing
When it comes to parenting, it seems that Wills and Kate are likely to break tradition by not turning to a full-time nanny to assist them in bringing up the royal baby. So far, a hands-on approach has been hinted at. William and Harry’s strongly documented upbringing showed how their nanny Olga Powell played a big role in both William and Harry's upbringing.

Bygone Traditions
—Overlooked female royals
Following updates made to royal family tradition in October 2011, female royals now have the same rights to the throne as their brothers, meaning that the new baby will be third in line to the throne! If the 'Succession to the Crown Bill' is passed, revamped rights for royal women will insist that the title 'Princess of Wales' can be given to her too. Woo hoo!

—Baby-swapping safety measures
To ensure no baby-swapping took place, the Home Secretary used to stand outside of the delivery room. This last happened in 1936, so the British Conservative politician Theresa May won’t be called upon to wait outside, much to Kate’s delight we imagine.

—Home births
Prince William was the first British future-king to be born in a hospital, the private Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in Paddington. It’s likely that Kate will follow suit in this health-conscious age.

—Choice of suitor
The new royal heir should have greater freedom in choosing his or her suitor if the Succession to the Crown Bill is passed: with religious restrictions being removed to allow royals to marry Roman Catholics. With this would be a limit to the power of the sovereign in approving proposed marriages to the first six in line to the throne. Changes in laws regarding gay marriage may also pave the way for a homosexual royal.

Previously Broken Royal Traditions
—Diana didn’t promise to obey Charles
A custom dating back to 1662, Diana broke tradition in promising to love, comfort, honor and keep Charles in sickness and health but not to obey him. Kate bucked this as well. Here, here!

—Royal brides wore silver
Queen Victoria bucked the tradition of wearing silver-gowns at weddings, causing quite a shock at the time by wearing white. Since then though, all royal brides have dressed in shades of white.

—Royal wedding gifts
William and Kate admirably broke Royal wedding tradition by compiling a list of charities they wished people to donate to, instead of buying wedding gifts.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.