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Wife uses quotes her husband said during childbirth to create hilarious viral video

“My back is killing me.”
/ Source: TODAY

When Jessica Perez posted a playful video on her Instagram page, she never thought it would get more than 2 million views.

“There is this whole trend of doing a juxtaposition of quotes,” the Alabama mom told TODAY Parents about the genesis of her social media sensation.

In Perez’s now-viral video, she took quotes that her husband, Kent, said during childbirth and turned them into motivational messages to the tune of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.”

In hindsight, the quotes are priceless.

“At least you get the comfy bed. I have to sleep on this tiny couch.”

Excerpt from funny Jessica Perez video about her husband
Jessica Perez never imagined her video, with 2 million views and counting, would go viral.Courtesy Jessica Perez

“Are you almost done? The cafeteria closes soon and they have taco bowls tonight.”

“My back is killing me.”

Excerpt from funny Jessica Perez video about her husband
Perez turned things her husband, Kent, said during childbirth into a now-viral video. Courtesy Jessica Perez

“I forgot to get you Chick-fil-A but the cafeteria people brought you food right?”

“There’s no way I’m looking down there. You can’t come back from that.”

Comments poured in immediately, with wives across the country adding in their partner’s childbirth commentary.

“Oh man same, including, ‘I love being here, it’s like a vacation and they bring you snacks,’” wrote one.

Another chimed in, “My husband had the nerve to say his back was sore after applying counter pressure on my hips for the whole 6 hours I was in labor.”

Perez said the response on social media is far beyond what she ever expected.

“A lot of women have shared and been like, ‘This could be my husband. We are married to the same man,’” she said.

While the video has racked up more than 86,000 likes and nearly 1,500 comments, not everyone is laughing. Perez said she's received many negative comments encouraging her to divorce her husband.

“They’re assuming that my life is not in a good place,” she said, adding that playful banter is just the nature of her marriage. “When I read those comments, I think those people truly are worried about me, because I think they are coming from a good place. It’s more of a reflection of their life and life experiences.”

Perez told TODAY that while some may see her husband’s quotes as cruel, that is not the reality.

“You saw a fifteen-second video where I took my husband's jokes out of context and you think my marriage is doomed,” she said. “I was the youngest of six kids and four of my siblings were brothers and they always teased me really hard. I learned at a young age what was playful, loving, teasing and what is actually mean-spirited behavior.”

The mom of four said that both she — and her husband — are laughing.

"I definitely give it back to him," Perez said. "He could probably make a lot of videos about me. This is my marriage in a nutshell."