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Wife reveals pregnancy to husband with surprise twist on taste test

/ Source: TODAY

Cory Williams is a popular YouTube vlogger, but his wife gets all the credit for his latest viral video.

Cory thought he was filming a taste test to entertain his followers, but Kristen decided to slip a secret message into the assortment of pureed foods he was about to sample.

While blindfolded, he dipped his spoons into a variety of tasty treats. Meanwhile she held up signs only viewers could see.

"Cory thinks this is a taste challenge, but that's not all this is," the signs read. "One sample is a HUGE surprise."

After tasting a jar of ice cream with honey and one filled with mashed avocado, Cory tried a familiar flavor: banana baby food.

"Can you think of any reason I'd give you that?" she asked

"Because it was my favorite when I was a little boy?" he said with a smile.

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Eventually, he catches on to another reason she would feed him baby food, and his reaction makes the clip worth watching all the way to the end!

"This is how my wife told me we're having a baby," he wrote in the caption accompanying the clip. "I can't watch this video without crying. We're so happy! We're going to have a baby!"

That has to be the sweetest taste test ever.

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