Wife of 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh pleads to 'stop dad pants' in parody PSA

Sarah Harbaugh is on a quest against her husband Jim's (former) trademark look.

A new ad for Dockers is finally calling attention to what many women have been rolling their eyes about for years.

It’s called “dad pants,” a poor fashion choice being treated like a tragic medical condition in a one-minute public service announcement parody by Sarah Harbaugh. She's the wife of the former "dad pants" king, Jim Harbaugh, the San Francisco 49ers head coach with a penchant for $8 khakis from Walmart.

A new Dockers ad makes a call to "stop dad pants."

Sarah Harbaugh said her husband's old pants made him look like “he’d hung the curtains from his belt.” But no longer! Check out her campaign to “rid the world of dad pants” in the new Dockers ad.

It seems like mom jeans have gotten more than their share of attention, so it's only fair that the world focus on the plight of dad pants. No word if Harbaugh, or Dockers, plans to reach out to President Obama on whether the campaign could help resolve his problem with “mom jeans."