Why we love Jennifer Garner's 'Mom' bathing suit

Moms everywhere rejoice Jennifer Garner's post-baby choice of a one-piece 'Mom-suit' while cavorting on the beach with hubby Ben Affleck and kids.

By Holly Pevzner

Thank you, Jennifer Garner. Thank you, thank you! There are so many ways you make looking like a normal mom seem completely acceptable and even cool -- wearing mom jeans, ripped granny panties, and oversized button-downs, just to name a few. 

But my jaw dropped when I saw your lovely vacation photos in US Weekly. As you and Ben Affleck play with Violet and  Seraphina, you're not wearing a tiny bikini or one of those flashy monokini things. It's a unassuming navy one-piece with spaghetti straps, a tie around the empire waist and a wee bit of a skirt.

It's a mom bathing suit! A tried-and-true, for-moms-only, no wardrobe-malfunction-here one-piece.

Then I thought, Oh no. Please don't let this magazine pick apart a beautiful, 40-year-old, mother of three, whose youngest child is a mere 4 months old. So she's in a mom-suit, I thought. It happens. She looks great! Please leave her alone. Then I read on. US didn't mock her beach choice at all. Instead, they called her "sexy." They dubbed her swimsuit "retro." 

While I'm sure there are a number of moms out there who still wear bikinis (heck, I do still have one on retainer), a lot of us are a smidge more comfortable rocking the one-piece. It's not necessarily that one's body instantly goes to squishytown after a baby is born (just check out Jen in a hot red bikini two years ago).

It's more like this: When I was kid-free, what was I doing in my sexy two piece? Nothing! I laid down, got some sun, sipped a fruity drink. I (maybe) frolicked in the ocean. Essentially, I was sitting pretty. As a mom, there's no sitting (nevermind the pretty). I'm running in that bathing suit, I'm squatting in the sand building castles, I'm lifting kiddos, I'm playing catch. I need a mom suit. And apparently Jennifer Garner does, too, and that makes me remarkably happy. Perhaps this means that I look sexy and retro in mymom suit. And to that I say, Whoo!

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