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Why we can't sleep: This Holderness family parody video nails it, '80s-style

With help from a 1980s Erasure hit, the Holderness family shares the woes of sleeping in their latest viral video.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Trying to sleep with another human in your bed — spouse, kid, whoever — isn't as easy as it seems. The Holderness family, famous for singing and dancing with their kids since their 2014 #XMAS Jammies and Baby Got Class videos, know that only too well. They tackle this particular brand of familial insomnia in their latest viral video, set to the 1988 Erasure hit, "A Little Respect."

It seems that husband Penn is a snorer ("Every. Night." moans wife Kim in the video.) And that's not his only nighttime error — he also turns the temperature of the house down so low that his poor wife is freezing.

Instead of pleading for a little more respect, as Erasure did, Kim's plea is for "a little more rest."

But it turns out she's not completely innocent in the battle of bedtime. Penn points out that his wife steals the sheets, and while she doesn't snore, she makes some "super-weird" noises of her own, one which sounds unnervingly like a foghorn.

Things only get worse when the Holderness kids jump on their parents' bed. "They think this is their room," Penn wails. Kids, it turns out, sleep horizontally, whack their parents in the face when they roll over, and loudly suck their fingers and thumbs.

The video ends with the entire menagerie sprawled across one bed and Penn laughing, "This is by far the weirdest (video)." Sweet dreams, all.