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The sweet reason NBC's Jo Ling Kent named her baby after a favorite place

The decision to name newborns after places is a growing trend among parents-to-be.
/ Source: TODAY

NBC News business and tech correspondent Jo Ling Kent joined TODAY on her first day back from parental leave after the birth of her second daughter with husband Scott Conroy earlier this year.

"Her name is Delancey Mei," the proud mom of two told TODAY on Tuesday, adding the inspiration behind the little girl's name. "She's named after the street where Scott and I first lived together in New York City where you guys are."

Delancey's middle name, Mei, also holds special meaning.

"Mei means beautiful (or younger sister, depending on pronunciation) in Chinese," Jo said in an email after giving birth.

Jo, who is also mom to 2-year-old Mira, said her new addition already has some loving nicknames.

"We call her Del, Baby Deli," she said.

She also revealed that baby Delancey is sleeping through the night, eating solids and rolling over.

The decision to name babies after places is part of a growing trend among parents-to-be. It's increasingly common for moms and dads to name their newborns after cities, states, countries — and even mountains and oceans.

Pamela Redmond of the baby names website Nameberry told TODAY Parents that place names are often gender-neutral and can be used for both boys and girls.

"Hudson and Jordan (rivers) are big, and so is River, Caspian (sea)," Redmond explained. "Eden and Zion (religious place names), Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards), and Zuma (beach) are also popular."

But some parents choose to get even more specific and name their children after exact places.

Top state and city names for girls include:









Top state and city names for boy include: