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Why Dylan Dreyer is relishing "simpler" times this Mother's Day

The mom of two has learned to love the "little moments" during the pandemic.
Dylan, with Calvin, 4, and Ollie, 1, says she has learned to love the "little moments" through the pandemic.
Dylan, with Calvin, 4, and Ollie, 1, says she has learned to love the "little moments" through the pandemic.Nathan Congleton

“I love you very much.” Those were the first words I heard one morning when I woke up. Calvin had crawled in my bed like he’s been doing lately. So simple, so loving, so perfect.

We thought about fighting with him about coming into our bed in the middle of the night but both Brian and I agreed, it’s just too sweet and the time in his life he’ll be doing this will be so short. Now I kind of look forward to it.

The little moments are what I’ve learned to love through this pandemic. The first time I tried to teach Oliver to smell the flowers, he ripped off the petals but now he bends over so sweetly and smells them like we do.

Walking our dog Bosco can be a slow process with Ollie waddling around and Calvin wanting to hold her leash the whole time. A part of me always feels like “come on let’s go!!” Then I stop myself and think, “what am I rushing for??”

Dog walking with Bosco! Dylan Dreyer

I’m also tempted to pick up Ollie and just walk him down the stairs, but instead I watch him learn how to scoot down by himself with a huge smile on his face.

Ollie is learning to navigate the stairs. Dylan Dreyer

I’m really trying to get myself to slow down. It takes so much stress off and my anxiety drops when I’m not always trying to get to the next place. To just live in the moment of chaos.

I’ve stopped stressing over putting the house back in order every night. Some toys laying around is okay. I need to appreciate the benefit of not having to rush off to an event each night or fly to another city for a story.

That’s all coming as we get back to normal and I really do love that part of my job. And we’ll all get used to that when the time comes.

When that time comes I’ll miss these “simpler” times. So for now, I’m going to focus on soaking them up because this too shall pass and this is a time I don’t want to pass too quickly.