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Whitney Port may not want another child after suffering miscarriage

The reality star's husband wants to give their 2-year-old son a sibling, but she has complicated feelings.
/ Source: TODAY

Whitney Port’s husband, Tim Rosenman, desperately wants a sibling for their 2-year-old son, Sonny. But after suffering a traumatic miscarriage last year, Port has mixed feelings about expanding their family.

“He, I know, really really wants a second kid, and I don’t know. That’s where little fractures start to happen,” Port, 35, revealed on Wednesday’s episode of the “Infertile AF” podcast.

“You don’t know if (miscarriage) is going to be routine or not, and that’s what’s scary,” she added.

Port experienced a roller coaster of emotions ranging from sadness to relief while processing the loss, which occurred in July 2019. "The Hills: New Beginnings" star admitted she wasn't overjoyed when she learned she was expecting, which led to feelings of guilt when she miscarried.

"I just sort of felt a little bit numb. I felt like like I was supposed to be super excited because this is what Timmy and I said we wanted to do, but I was mostly just like, “OK, so, now this is happening,’” she recalled. “It just wasn’t super emotional for me. And that felt weird, and I felt super guilty about that, and I think it has to do with my feelings towards having a second child in general.”

Port, who had a difficult first pregnancy and suspects she struggled from some postpartum depression, is worried “about going through it again.”

“Sometimes I feel like life is too short,” she said. “And I do feel really selfish...I love the way my life is right now. Why complicate anything further?”

Though Port and Rosenman are divided on having a second child, Port says their marriage is stronger than ever.

"If anything, (the miscarriage) brought us closer together," she explained. "How he cared for me and how there he was, emotionally, for me was really amazing."