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Whitney Port claps back against troll who said her son 'looked too much like a girl'

Port said she felt a responsibility to call out the critics, since there's "so much wrong" with the mean comments about her son.
/ Source: TODAY

Whitney Port loves sharing photos of her adorable 2-year-old son on Instagram, but after a troll commented that his long, curly locks made him look more like a girl, Port clapped back.

"Someone thought warning me that Sonny 'looked too much like a girl' was something I should be concerned about," Port said in an Instagram post.

"The Hills" star and blogger also posted a YouTube video called, "I Love My Toddler, But Let's Talk About His Hair," where she addressed the mean comments people have left about son Sonny's long hair.

"I put a picture of Sonny up on my Instagram as I usually do, and someone commented, 'He looks like a she, Whitney,'" Port said in the video. The mean comment continued, "I get the whole not wanting to depict their gender, but Jesus, this is the third pic I have seen of him today that if I didn't know he was a son, I would def think he was a girl."

Port said she felt a responsibility to call out the trolls, since there's "so much wrong" with the mean comments they've left on Instagram about Sonny.

"What is a he supposed to look like and what is a she supposed to look like?" Port said. "There isn't any supposed to look like anything. Whoever said that because boys have long hair that makes them less of a boy, I just don't understand that."

Sonny's long, curly locks are cute, but Port acknowledged they are a challenge to manage. In some photos, Sonny's hair is in a bun or tucked behind his ears. When the hair is down, Port said it's hard for him to see.

"It makes bath time a little more complicated than typical," she said, since Sonny's hair gets tangled easily and is difficult to brush.

"Sonny has always had great hair. He was born with hair. Lots of it," Port said. "When I was like 8 months pregnant, the ultrasound technician was like, 'You better get a comb ready, because this baby has a lot of hair.'"

Port, who discusses parenting with her husband, Tim Rosenman in her "I Love My Toddler, But..." YouTube series, said the couple are most focused on making sure they raise a strong son who feels comfortable expressing his individuality.

"As parents, we have a responsibility to raise good, kind human beings," Port said. "That is on us."