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'Where is my mama?' Watch mic'ed up NFL player's hilarious search for his mom

This is for all the mamas on Thanksgiving who wonder if their adult children still care.
/ Source: TODAY

You're never too old to be excited for your mother to come see you play.

Rest assured that Miami Dolphins linebacker Jerome Baker is grateful for his mom's love on Thanksgiving, after showing the world how much he was hoping she was at his team's win over the New York Jets earlier this month.

Baker, 22, was mic'ed up by NFL Films and Showtime’s "Inside the NFL" and was captured throughout the game constantly worrying about finding his mother in the stands.

"Bro, where is my mama?" he said to some teammates. "I can't find my mama, bro!"

Later he's seen scanning the stands trying to find her. His jersey gets progressively dirtier with each clip from the game, yet he's still trying to track her down.

He even starts singing the Dolphins fight song at one point before abruptly stopped and asking, "Where the f--- is my mama?!"

The hilarious montage went viral, even prompting the creation of a T-shirt.

Baker had reserved a ticket at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami for his mother, Theodora, who had flown from their hometown in Cleveland to see her son play for just the second time in a Dolphins uniform.

He was still searching for her into the fourth quarter of what turned out to be the Dolphins' first win of the season after an 0-7 start.

“We were winning, that’s why I hoped she was there,” Baker told the Sun-Sentinel.

Baker was worried she didn't make it because she was at his home preparing a special meal for him.

"My mom, she’s older, she’s about to retire,'' he said. "So I figured she cooked. She got tired. ‘Oh, I’ll just watch the game at home.’ And I don’t ever get mad at her for that."

He finally spotted her in section 103 midway through the final quarter.

Miami Dolphins linebacker is shown looking into the stands at a win over the Jets, trying to find his mother at the game. Jamie Sabau / Getty Images

"So finally, toward the end of the game, I just stood there until I found her,'' he said. "And it was weird because she was wearing this big orange shirt, and I should’ve found her sooner than that. But it all worked out.”

When he got home after the game, she had a hearty meal all ready for him, according to the Sun-Sentinel. He wolfed it down and then fell asleep after having made seven tackles in the Dolphins' win.

A week later, the former Ohio State star got to see his mama again when Miami played in his hometown against the Cleveland Browns. His dad, Jerome Baker Sr., also came to see him play in the Dolphins' loss to the home team.

“Through the years, he began to watch and want to play football morning, noon and night,” Theodora told after the game. “I never imagined one day we’d be here watching him play in Cleveland’s stadium. Our whole family is so proud of him. But when he comes home I still work him (around the house). Nothing has changed.”

Win or lose, Baker gives thanks any time his mama can come watch him play.

“It’s a sense of comfort,'' he told the Sun-Sentinel. "I’m a mama’s boy. I love my family. So anytime they get to see me play live, it’s a different feeling."