When is it OK to let kids walk home from school alone?

Every new school year bring new freedoms -- and responsibilities.

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Rebecca Wilson / AP file / Today
New school year, new rules? How do you decide when your kids will walk to school alone, and other school-related freedoms?

Is this the year your child walks to school by himself? The year you take a hands-off policy and trust her to get homework done on her own? When is it OK to let a kid come home to an empty house? Do you pick their clothes each day or let them express their unique fashion sense? and TODAY are teaming up to survey parents on when you let your kids take on more school-related responsibility. Click on this link to take the survey.

And TODAY Moms would love to hear more about how you decide when the time is right for these various milestones. Do you go by what your kids' friends are doing? What your own parents did? Do you have in-depth discussions about it, or just go with your gut? Please take the survey, then share your thoughts in the comments below.