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When is it OK for girls to get manicures?


How young is too young? It’s a question often debated between mothers and their eager daughters. And while topics like waxing are often controversial, certain areas are often a bit more gray, making the question of “are we forcing them to grow up too fast?” a bit harder to answer. What age is OK for manicures?

Is it cute or crass to take your daughter to the nail salon? Skateboarder Tony Hawk recently posted a photo on Instagram in which he’s shown painting his nails a lovely sparkly color with his young daughter. The response was generally positive, with fans commenting how “adorable” it was, and “what a great father” Hawk is.

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A 2011 survey of more than 750 parents of tweens and teens by TODAY and Parenting magazine found some interesting results on various “When is it OK to let your child ...” questions. Most respondents agreed on matters of shaving and makeup: Seventy-one percent of parents surveyed said age 12 was an appropriate age for girls to start shaving their legs, while 63 percent said age 14 is OK to start wearing makeup. (Respondents were way more divided on topics like ear piercing and eyebrow waxing or tweezing.)

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