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What you really need to do to be a good mom

"Want to be a good mom? Take care of yourself." It's a message that's catching on.
/ Source: TODAY

“WE NEED YOU TO BE OK.” That was the message in an image Valerie Solomon, aka Busy Mom Gets Fit, sent out to her 530K+ Facebook fans last month.

Since then it's been shared more than 1,800 times, indicating that the "take care of yourself" message hit home. A Maryland mom of four boys ages 16-5, Solomon, 35, urged moms to take care of themselves because she says she too often sees other women beating themselves up with guilt. “As moms, we feel this pressure to give, give, give, and society says you are selfish if you do anything for yourself,” Solomon told TODAY. “But a miserable, unhappy, sad mom can’t be her best. She has to figure out first and foremost how to make herself OK.”

Solomon runs GORGO magazine, an online publication and a fitness camp “geared at highlighting everyday, unedited, amazing women, solid nutrition advice and workouts,” as well as her own fitness coaching business through her website.

“Through fitness, I’ve learned that taking that time for myself, giving myself that hour or so of therapy everyday, really makes me a better mom,” said Solomon. “Not only do I feel better, my kids respect it.”