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By Eun Kyung Kim

If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be? The question yielded two types of answers after being posed to 50 adults and children.

Nearly every grownup offered up physical traits (“Only one?” replied one woman) while the children struggled to even come up with an answer. 

Okay, one girl admitted she wanted to, maybe, "you know, have a mermaid tail." 

In the four-minute video, "Comfortable," the adults said they would have clearer skin. They also would make their forehead smaller, their eyes bigger, or their pregnancy-related stretch marks disappear. 

Adults and kids were world apart in their answers when asked what one thing they would change about their bodies.Today

The kids, meanwhile, answered with shrugs and lots of "hmmm...." while thinking about what they would change about themselves. One boy said he’d like “a shark mouth, so I could eat a lot of stuff," while another wanted “legs like a cheetah" so he could run faster. One girl thought "teleportation" would be nice.

Yet another girl provided the answer many adults wish they had the courage to say: “I don’t think there’s anything to change.”


The video is intended to point out how easy it is to feel self-conscious and insecure about personal appearances, said Jason Y. Lee, co-founder of Jubilee Project, the non-profit organization that made the clip.

"We just wanted to make a film that really encourages you to be comfortable and confident in your own skin,” he says in the video.

Just like the mermaid girl.

“I like my body actually,” she said, adding she wouldn’t change “nothing else — just the mermaid tail.” writer Eun Kyung Kim also would like the ability to teletransport. You can follow her on Twitter.