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What would a woman do? Comedians spoof viral 'BBC Dad' clip

A New Zealand television show spoofed the 'BBC Dad' clip by showing how a mom would have handled her kids crashing her live interview.
/ Source: TODAY

Among the thousands of comments surrounding the wildly viral clip of the Korean university professor whose children delightfully crashed his BBC interview, many have pondered how a woman would have handled the same scenario.

Wonder no longer. A comedy troupe has provided an answer.

The "Jono and Ben" spoof imagines a woman in the role of the now-viral "BBC dad."
The "Jono and Ben" spoof imagines a woman in the role of the now-viral "BBC dad."Jono and Ben/Facebook

The New Zealand television show, “Jono and Ben,” has spoofed the way Professor Robert Kelly tried to conduct a Skype interview on South Korean politics, all the while having his two scene-stealing children steer the discussion.

The parody features a woman in the same position as Kelly, but instead of getting distracted, she has dinner ready by the time she finishes her interview — and she is about to rescue her husband, instead of vice versa.

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The parody begins with a young girl in a yellow sweater walking in to her mom's home office during a live web interview. The woman lifts the girl onto her lap and feeds her a bottle. Seconds later, when her toddler wheels in on his walker, the mom snaps up a rattle ball to distract the child — all without missing a beat

“Unfortunately, discontent in South Korea is not only related to President (Park) Geun-hye’s administration,” the woman explains, without even turning her stare away from the camera.

Meanwhile, the BBC journalist seems more flustered than the mom by what happening in the background.

"You do look rather busy there. We can reschedule," he tells her.

The mother remains unfazed.

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By the time the interview is finished — and when a hapless husband walks in panicked over not being able to find the mate to his sock — the woman has taken a chicken out of the oven, steamed a shirt, cleaned the toilet and defused a bomb.

Jono and Ben/Facebook

“All right, let’s find this sock then,” she says just as she's about to sign off.

In case there was any question about who the spoof was dedicated to, the video's caption says it all: “Shout out to all the working women out there defusing bombs on a regular basis!"

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