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What will Kim and Kanye name their baby? We have some good suggestions

Are you listening, Kim and Kanye?
/ Source: TODAY

Now that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have welcomed their fourth child, everyone is asking the same question: What will they name their baby boy?

Good luck trying to guess! As we all know, the Kardashian-Jenner clan often chooses uncommon names for their children.

We’ve come up with some predictions/suggestions for Kim and Kanye, just in case they’re still brainstorming ideas. What do you think of these names?

“North, Saint, Chicago ... what will the fourth Kardashian-West baby be named? The girls got direction/destination names. So this baby boy will follow in his brother’s footsteps: Hero or Soul.” — Kavita Varma-White, TODAY Parents editor

“Kim and Kanye like to be different. At this point, after North, Saint, and Chicago, it’d be pretty subversive to play it straight down the middle. I’m calling an all-American name, like Ryan West, or Greg West.” — Phil Caulfield, TODAY senior editor

“KANYE. I’m sure Kanye will want ‘Kanye West’ to live on beyond him ... and what better way to keep the name alive than in your own child?” — MC Suhocki, TODAY social media editor

Kim and Kanye
So many baby names to choose from!Getty Images

“I’m going with Suede West. This prediction is pretty baseless, but it could make sense for a few reasons. First, the Wests like one-syllable names. (Chicago is all about her nickname, Chi.) And second, it’s a word that suits the Kimye brand: Kanye with his newfound role as fashion designer, and Kim who lives and breathes couture.” — Bryanna Cappadona, TODAY editor

“I think Kanye is very in tune with a higher power, so maybe a name like King or Jesus.” — Megan Wheeler, TODAY video producer

“Justice — I could see Kim choosing a name that ties into her current educational pursuits and future goals in the justice system. Plus, Chicago and Justice somehow seem to fit together. (R.I.P. ‘Chicago Justice,’ Sunday nights on NBC).” — Courtney Gisriel, TODAY commerce editor

“Four West. It’s a no-brainer — this is their fourth child. Plus, it has a nice ring to it, not unlike when George Costanza was saving the name Seven for his future child.” — Shane Lou, TODAY editor

“The baby’s name will be Nine, just so they can work a sponsorship deal with the shoe company. Or Robert, in honor of Kim’s late father.” — Drew Weisholtz, TODAY reporter/editor