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'What she's doing is amazing': Susan Sarandon, Eva Amurri Martino open up on TODAY

The Oscar-winning actress and her daughter share a special closeness, bonding over Eva's little girl and a shared love of carbs.
/ Source: TODAY

There are many things mothers and daughters can bond over, but in the case of Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon and her actress-turned-blogger daughter Eva Amurri Martino, it's Martino's baby daughter Marlowe — and carbs.

"Don't put a bread basket in front of us that you want to take part in yourself," quipped Martino during a chat with TODAY's Jenna Bush Hager.

The pair have been close all their lives. Martino went backstage with her mom at both political rallies and on movie sets as a child.

"It kind of is almost like being part of the circus," said Martino about her movie set visits. "There's something really fun and adventurous."

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But the 31-year-old, who among other things, co-starred with mom in 2002's "The Banger Sisters," has a different approach to mothering Marlowe, who was born in 2014.

"I'm much more of a structured parent," said Martino, who recently wrote on her lifestyle blog about having to fire her nanny after she allegedly sent racy texts to Martino's husband, NBC Sports soccer commentator Kyle Martino.

"I just wanted to be putting my energy into something that I felt was just constructing something more positive in my life and for my daughter, especially," she said about stepping back from acting.

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Sarandon, 69, says she's inspired by her daughter's maternal instincts: "I think that what she's doing is amazing. I'm very proud of her. ... And she's really a funny kid. She's fierce, she's strong."

And here's something else we learned: Sarandon is not "grandma" to Marlowe. "Honey is her grandma name," grinned Martino.

"It's so much easier, so much easier [being a grandmother]," said Sarandon.

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In any case, Martino has learned many lessons from her mom over the years. The most important? "The importance of being kind to people, being there for people," she said.

"I love that!" laughed Sarandon.

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