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What's your baby name philosophy? Tell TODAY in this survey

We want to know what your baby-naming style is. Take the TODAY survey!
/ Source: TODAY

It's one of the first really big decisions you make as a parent: what to name your baby.

In the olden days, you picked a name from the family tree and were done with it. Modern parents are much more interested in names that are original and creative, and they're looking to celebrities, the arts, other cultures and nature for inspiration.

Is your naming style classic or creative? Have you felt the sting of baby-name judging... or are you a secret Baby Name Judger? Tell us about it in our survey, below, and have your say on our TODAY Parenting Team, where we are exploring all things baby name related this month. (Anyone can join the TODAY Parenting Team; share parenting advice, get support and enjoy exclusive TODAY family perks!)

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