What kind of grandpa is Snoop Dogg? The 'get-away-with-everything' kind

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/ Source: TODAY
By Randee Dawn

Everyone knows Calvin Broadus (aka Snoop Dogg) is an innovative musician. What fewer people are aware of is that he's a devoted family man.

Yet asked to rate himself as a father on TODAY Wednesday, Snoop kept it humble. "I think I'm about a 7-plus," he said in his typical low-key, mellow voice. "I've got three things that I can work on."

But, he added, "My relationship with my kids is more important than anything. It's a friendship relationship ... it's based on me being a father, a mentor and a friend."

Snoop Dogg and family.TODAY

These days, though, Snoop's taken on a new role as a 43-year-old grandpa to little Zion, who was born in January. So what kind of grandfather is Snoop going to be?

That's something he's completely clear on: "I'm going to be a gullible, get-away-with-everything kind of grandpa," he chuckled. "It's just a spark of joy just to look in his eyes and to be able to hold him. I thank my oldest son for making me a grandfather."

Speaking of grandparents, Snoop made sure to close out his segment with a shout-out to his own grandmother!

"Grandma, I know you're watching and you know I love you," he said. "Now you can watch [televangelist] Jimmy Swaggart, we're done."

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