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What to expect when you're expecting at Halloween: 7 clever pregnancy costumes

These costumes are easy and cheap and perfect for pregnancy.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

If you're expecting a special treat of your own close to Halloween, you may be mulling costume ideas that incorporate, or accentuate, a baby bump.

Here are some DIY costume ideas from real parents-to-be for baby's very first Halloween.

1. Bun in the oven

Seberina Thrush reports that making this costume is "Easy-peasie! A cardboard box and a sharpie!"


2. Gumball machine

Holly Hausberger Bodner turned a T-shirt into a gumball machine.


3. The Great Pumpkin

TODAY reader Ashli Van Pelt even has the perfect last name for a costume that seems "Peanuts"-inspired. (She shares it with Linus and Lucy.)


4. Magic 8 Ball

Danielle Carson told TODAY she wore a blue triangle on her back that read, "Ask again later."


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5. Whoopie cushion

Thanks to Pixiebug Adventures for sharing this whoopie cushion costume!


6. Hand over the candy

Leigh G. Beck tells TODAY, "last year, my unborn daughter wanted her share of the candy too."


7. 1950s housewife and the milkman

Jaye Thompson shared a costume that plays off the old joke of "who's your daddy?"


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This article was originally published in October 2016.