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What do kids actually think about their teachers? Students share their 'Kidvice'

Remember the days when you couldn't believe your teacher even *existed* outside a classroom?
/ Source: TODAY

It's almost September, which means kids of all ages — and their teachers — are getting ready to head back to school. We can practically smell the school supplies!

But even if you don't have a school-bound kid around the house, this time of year can spur some serious nostalgia. We might be all grown up now, but we still remember the days when our teachers were our superheroes.

So, in the spirit of Back To School, we asked our favorite adorable experts for their "Kidvice" on all things teachers — such as, what's the best gift to get a teacher? And what do they do for fun? Their adorable answers are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Watch the video above and share it with the teachers in your life to say "thank you"!

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