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'Bachelor' alum Catherine Lowe says husband is the hardest person on gift list

The couple that met on season 17 of "The Bachelor" is getting their growing family ready for the holidays.

On Season 17 of The Bachelor, as the world watched along, rose after rose, Catherine Lowe (then Giudici) fell in love with Sean Lowe. Since then, the reality TV couple got married (in 2014) and had two kids: Samuel Thomas Lowe (in 2016) and Isaiah Hendrix Lowe (in 2018).

Lowe, a graphic designer, recently spoke to TODAY Parents on behalf of FedEx as a paid spokesperson about her growing family's holiday routines and traditions, including why her husband is so hard to shop for.

Holidays are so stressful for moms when we try to 'do it all'. What has helped save your sanity in recent years?

I like to take the pressure off getting all my gifts at once and try to start early, getting them casually while I’m out and about so it’s not overwhelming all at once. I try to make the holiday seasons about being together more than anything. When you focus the holidays on just spending quality family time together, it takes the pressure off making the entire season perfect. I'm actually feeling more festive this season because Samuel is now 2 and is starting to understand what’s going on!

What are your family's traditions surrounding the holiday season?

The boys loved decorating the tree with me and we love reading our favorite Christmas stories before bed each night. I’m also so excited to bake cookies with Samuel, and set them out for Santa, and see his delight in the morning when there’s a bite missing!

Did you send out a holiday card this year, and what did it entail?

I love sending holiday cards on my LoweCo. stationery which gives me the chance to personalize each message.

Who is the hardest person to shop for in your family? Why?

Sean is hardest to get gifts for because he’s more into experiences like trips, concerts and family activities. He also has everything and needs nothing! That’s why experiences as a family or as a couple are the way to go.

What's the best gift you've received during the holidays? Why was it so special to you?

Last year, Sean gave me a ticket to the opera because I love the arts, and he definitely took what I like into consideration.

As a mom, are there any toys you have your eyes on for the kids?

Isaiah is beyond obsessed with puzzles so any interactive puzzle with animals is a must and any soft puzzle I encounter has Isaiah’s name on it.

What New Years resolutions do you have in mind for 2019?

I’d like to be more intentional about bringing family into charitable things. I want to start the kids off knowing they should be doing more charity. I grew up volunteering at our local Seattle food bank every week in the summer, so I’d love to carry on that tradition with my kids.