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Kristen Welker opens up about motherhood: 'Filled with pure joy!'

The Weekend TODAY co-anchor is relishing her new role as Margot's mom!
/ Source: TODAY

Kristen Welker is settling into motherhood two weeks after she and her husband, John Hughes, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Margot, with the help of a surrogate.

"We are doing so well. The past two weeks have just been filled with pure joy!" Kristen gushed on Weekend TODAY Saturday.

Baby Margot was named after Kristen’s grandmother, Margaret.Courtesy Kristen Welker

Kristen and John announced back in April that they were expecting a baby with the help of a surrogate and Margot Lane Welker Hughes was born on June 12 at 2:12 a.m.

The longtime journalist and chief White House correspondent for NBC News opened up about the first time she met Margot and it's likely a moment she won't soon forget. "The moment I looked at her, we were just so deeply in love and she looked back at me and it was just the most incredible moment of my life, frankly," Kristen recalled.

"It was ... incredible. I helped catch Margot and she arrived into the world. I was so nervous but so excited at the same time and John helped to cut the umbilical cord."

Is Margot sleeping or thinking?Courtesy Kristen Welker

John added, "In an instant, our world completely changed in the most wonderful way. It was really amazing."

The new parents are gradually learning as they go and Kristen even revealed that Margot has developed a cute habit. "We've had some long nights and embarking on our shift schedule and every moment I just feel so filled up with joy and gratitude," Kristen continued. "And you can hear, she's sleeping. She kind of sings to herself when she sleeps."

"We've sort of figured out a shift schedule that kind of works, you know, one person sleeps, one person swaddles," John said. "A little bit of 'fake it till you make it' but so far so good."

In a celebratory Father's Day post earlier this month, Kristen wrote that it has been the "greatest joy" of her life to see John with Margot. "You are already the most amazing and loving dad."

John is all smiles with his daughter, Margot Lane.kristen.welker /Instagram

Since Margot moved in, Kristen said she has found herself doing one thing in particular. "One of the things that I figured out is that I now sleep in my glasses because she sleeps in a bassinet next to us, so I can kind of pop out of bed and see her immediately every time she makes a noise, and she makes a lot of noise all night long!"

Weekend TODAY co-anchor, Peter Alexander, agreed that Margot loves to nap. 'I've had a couple of chances to meet her and my daughters keep saying when they saw her, 'Is she going to open her eyes?' She is a good sleeper, this little one!" he observed warmly.

Margot has already had quite a few visitors come by to see her, including Kristen's parents, Harvey and Julie.Courtesy Kristen Welker
John's parents, Sue and Ed, also stopped by to visit Margot.Courtesy Kristen Welker

Aside from Peter, Margot's proud grandparents have also made sure to see their two-week-old granddaughter.

"My parents and John's parents have visited as well and it's been really just such a special time filled with family and so much love," Kristen said.