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Need your weekly dose of warm fuzzies? We've got happy and heartwarming stories

It has been quite a year.
/ Source: TODAY

Last year, March came in like a lion and ... never left.

This year, we have hope for a better spring and an even better summer. In the meantime, here are the happy, heartwarming and just plain funny stories and videos that made us smile this week.

The queen has new puppies!

We can't resist a corgi, especially when it's a ROYAL corgi. This week, the rumors were confirmed: Queen Elizabeth has added two corgi puppies to the royal family.

With her husband Prince Philip in the hospital, we're happy to know the queen has puppy breath and tiny wagging tails to comfort her at home.

And speaking of corgi puppies...

We just thought you should know there is a corgi named Potato who has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. So if you need a little corgi puppy happiness yourself, well, here you go. You're welcome!

The NFL hired its first Black female game official

We love to see it: Maia Chaka is making history as the first Black woman to join the ranks of officials at football's highest level!

Maia Chaka
Outside of football, Maia Chaka has been a celebrated health and physical education teacher for the past decade at Renaissance Academy in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she works with at-risk youth.Don Juan Moore / Getty Images

Chaka is also a health and physical education teacher for at-risk youth in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

"I just want them to know if you have a passion for something and if have a drive for something, don't let it hold you back just because you think that something may give you some type of limitation," she said. "Just continue to work hard and always, always, always just follow your dreams."

... and this NFL player shows we never stop looking for our mamas in the stands

How adorable is Miami Dolphins linebacker Jerome Baker as he looks for his mama in the stands at a game?

"Bro, where is my mama, though?"

"I've been looking for my mama this whole game."

"Oh that ... nah, that ain't her."

"I found my mama."

Pretty sure every mom just became a fan of #55.

Facebook groups are helping restaurant workers in need

An estimated 2.4 million jobs in the restaurant industry were lost this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing shutdowns and capacity restrictions. Restaurant workers who have kept their jobs have seen their hours cut and lost out on income from tips.

But some social media users are doing their part not only to help those in need, but to restore our faith in humanity. "Adopt a Restaurant Worker" and "Adopt a Server" groups on Facebook are connecting unemployed workers with future jobs and supporting them financially while they look.

From groceries to school supplies to rent, the groups are finding ways to serve those who need a helping hand right now.

"I didn't create it thinking that anybody would notice, but I just wanted people to know that everybody can make a change, that everybody can do something for someone," said one group coordinator. "Anything can make a difference, because that can put a person in the mood to do something for someone else, and that action can really just be the pebble thrown into a pond that creates the ripple."

... and this nurse proved (once again) moms get all the jobs done

Jessica Hover, one of the owners of the TikTok community @verygoodmothersclub, recently featured her younger sister Meredith, who did not one, not two, but several amazing feats while having her second baby.

According to Hover's video, Meredith went into labor early at only 31 weeks gestation, but she was allowed to leave the hospital to take her NCLEX nursing exam because the doctor believed the anxiety was contributing to her distress.


My little sister Meredith Bates passed her NCLEX & helped save a life all while being in active labor. ##momtok ##fyp ##foryoupage ##nicu @jess_hover

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On her way to the hospital, Meredith stopped at Starbucks for a drink and ended up saving another customer's life; the woman had a heart attack at the store and Meredith was the only medical professional present at the time.

Meredith went on to take her exam, returned to the hospital to have her baby, Jack, and later found out she passed the exam despite being in active labor.

Baby Jack was only 3.5 pounds at birth, and he is still in the NICU struggling with an irregular heartbeat and breathing, according to his aunt.

We are rooting for Baby Jack and believe he inherited his mom's strength and determination!

A baby boy helped a grieving family heal through adoption

After Minnesota mom Tracy Umezu and her husband Junji lost two daughters to medical conditions, they tried to make peace with being parents of an only child.

Recently, though, the family welcomed a new baby boy, Jacob, through adoption. Umezu knew it was fate when the baby's birth mom asked her if she would keep the name she had given him.

Baby Jacob joined big sister Sophie, 9.
Baby Jacob joined big sister Sophie, 9.Courtesy Tracy Umezu

"She said it's 'Jacob Benjamin,' and Jacob is the name we have always had in mind for a boy," Umezu said. "It was a pretty telling piece that this was meant to be for both her and for us."

... and another baby boy left his grandfather in tears

TikTok user Jessi (@thegoodwrench) shared a video of her parents and her daughters meeting her new baby boy, and her warning to "grab the tissues" is for a good reason: Jessi was able to capture the moment her mom and dad realize she and her husband have named their new baby boy Michael after her dad.

After Jessi gives her mom a hint, she sees his name and her face instantly changes.

"He's got a name," she says to Jessi's dad with a nudge.

We can't top the look on Baby Michael's grandfather's face when he realizes he has a namesake.

Have a good week, everyone!