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We love PaPaw! Sad grandpa cheered up by Internet after grandkids bail on burger night

If your grandparent makes you dinner, you better make sure you show up — lest the Internet find out.
/ Source: TODAY

When Kelsey Harmon showed up for dinner at her grandfather Papaw's house earlier this week, she was excited to share a homemade hamburger dinner with him and her fellow grandkids.

She was wrong. Instead, this happened:

Hold off on your sads for a moment, though.

Harmon posted the picture to Twitter, which quickly exploded with compassion on behalf of the disappointed Papaw.

There were volunteers to take the place of those absent grandkids:

And at least one grandkid showed up belatedly!

But as often happens on social media, things took a darker turn.

As later tweets from Kelsey indicated, her cousins started feeling the wrath of unseen tweeters.

Which meant it was probably time to turn the flame down on this particular grilling.

Enter Montel Williams, who tweeted support:

And this Photoshopping genius, who gave Papaw a new nickname:

In the end, Kelsey had a few last words to everyone who responded, noting that she was appreciative of everyone's thoughts and was pleased her tweet "encouraged people everywhere to visit their grandparents."

"Papaw is great," she added. "Please know he is loved deeply, and now widely."

And if he decides to throw a cookout any time soon, we sense he won't lack for company.

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