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We love the dorky dad comments Mick Jagger leaves on his son's Instagram

The Rolling Stones frontman makes sure to take time out of his day as a rock god to leave dorky dad comments on Instagram posts by his teenage son.
/ Source: TODAY

Mick Jagger's Instagram habits are prompting some eye-rolling.

The Rolling Stones frontman may be a rock god, but that doesn't mean he's above mortifying his kids on social media.

As one eagle-eyed observer pointed out, The Rolling Stones singer, 74, has been responding to Instagram posts by his son Lucas, 19, with slightly cringey dad remarks like "Cool pic" or "Looks like fun!"

D. Patrick Rodgers, an editor at Nashville Scene in Tennessee, posted a collection of Jagger's replies.

In one shot, Lucas poses cooly at the beach, while his dad warns, "Watch out for the water" — for all 155,000 of Lucas's followers to see.

Another photo shows Lucas is hanging out with friends, prompting a "Looks like fun!" from the Stones showman.

The two also make sure to get some quality time together, where presumably the funny dad comments are just between them.

Lucas is Jagger's son with Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez Morad and the second-youngest of his eight children.

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