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Watch wife surprise husband with adorable pregnancy announcement

Surprise baby reveal
Jessica Devins / YouTube

Photographer Jessica Devins and her husband have been popping into photo booths to capture silly moments ever since they started dating, but she made sure their latest trip was one he would never forget. 

When they smiled for the photo booth camera last month, she surprised him by holding up a tiny hat, which revealed some big news. 

In the video, which Devins posted to YouTube, her husband can only smile and shed a tear or two when he gets the message, which she said she kept a secret for a few days before the adorable reveal.

Devins explained that she'd been laying the ground work for this video for some time: "I actually started taping my iPhone to the front wall of photo booths to capture video of our silly faces a few months ago," she wrote in the caption to the video. "That way he wouldn't be suspicious when I was finally able to share the happy news." 

She added in the comments that the couple is "over the moon with joy."

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