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Watch these 2 best friends from virtual school finally meet for the 1st time

First graders Julia and Luna prove that even a pandemic can’t stand in the way of finding the perfect pal.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s a reflection of the times we’re living in: Two young girls formed a fast friendship in the first grade, and then, six months later, they actually met.

Luna and Julia got to know each other through a screen during the pandemic, as they attended elementary school via video. As the students grew close, they did all the things best friends do, like talk about school, swap stories about their lives and bond over common interests — all the things except for hugging, playing and spending time together in the flesh.

Until now!

To celebrate Julia’s birthday, Luna recently surprised her in a local park, and a TikTok video of that meeting shows how delightful the moment was for both girls.

The sweet clip starts as Julia walks along the sidewalk and suddenly realizes what she sees in the distance — a very familiar face. What follows is a rush of adorable activity, including screams, giggles, running, jumping and embracing.

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb picked that clip as her Morning Boost Tuesday, and said, “I actually had that video on loop this morning, because watching those two kids jump around seeing each other was pretty cool.”

The now-viral clip has that effect on people, as viewers just can’t get enough of Luna and Julia’s pure joy. Good thing there’s even more to appreciate from the young duo.

On Monday night, the girls paid a video visit to NBC Nightly News and opened up to Lester Holt about the importance of friendship.

“Friendship means something personal and keeping secrets and good at hugging and always cheering you up,” Julia explained.

It’s a topic she and Luna have become experts at since their meetup, especially now that they’ve started attending classes together in person. As for other kids who are still only seeing their classmates through a screen, Luna thinks they should learn a lesson from her and her pal.

“Even though you are still online, you can still have friends,” she said.