Watch this sassy 2-year-old shut down dad for playing maracas

/ Source: TODAY

Tiny objects that make noise when you shake them tend to soothe kids, but not for this little girl!

Tegan Purdy, 2, gets so riled up when her dad starts shaking maracas that she rips them from his hands and admonishes him, saying "no no." After this pint-size music police leaves the room, dad grabs the maracas again, causing her to run back to the scene and lay down the law all over again.

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Tegan when she's not around maracasDyon Purdy

This happens a full five times in the video, which first appeared on the Love What Matters Facebook page, before she realizes dad cannot be trusted to behave if he's in the room with a pair of maracas — so she takes them with her.

The best part of the whole video is her attitude every time she takes the maracas away. She wants dad to know she means business. Nothing says "You better listen to me" like a single maraca shake and a firm "No" combined with a very effective head tilt.

The Purdy familyJohn Casten / Courtesy of Dyon Purdy

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The dad in question, Dyon Purdy, told TODAY that it took all his effort not to laugh after seeing her hysterical attitude.

He doesn't know exactly where she picked up all that sass, but Purdy said he thinks she may have been imitating what he does when the kids are in serious trouble.

Dyon Purdy

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The best part — this cutie has just as much swagger every day.

"She likes to tell you what she thinks, even if you can't understand her half the time."