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Watch the reaction when these adorable twins find out who is older (and who is taller)

Little Alexis had a tough time coming to terms with a cold, hard fact of twin life: she's the (slightly) younger one.
/ Source: TODAY

These adorable sisters couldn't have been happier when they were told they are identical twins.

But once one of them learned her sister was older? Now we have a problem.

At first, twins Ava and Alexis, 3, from West Orange, New Jersey, were all smiles when their mom, Ami, told them that being identical twins meant they have the same birthday and look alike.

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But the smiles evaporated for Alexis when Ami informed them that Ava is a minute older.

"But I want to be older,'' Alexis laments.

"I'm just one minute older,'' Ava says, putting her hand on her sister's chin to console her.

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Then, just when Alexis pulls it together, she learns that she is a smidge taller than Ava.

That leads to the two reversing roles as Alexis tries to hug her crying sister, who is not cool with being the shorter one.

It turns out that their initial hug over being twins is their true nature.

"They are naturally very affectionate with each other,'' Ami told NBC New York.

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