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Watch little girl adorably talk boy troubles: 'I don't want to break his heart'

The mom's caption to the Facebook video says it all: "Serious boy troubles for Quinn. ?#?TheStruggleIsReal‬ ?#?GodHelpMe‬."
/ Source: TODAY

Love can be tough, even when you're young enough to require a car seat.

Just ask 5-year-old Quinn, who, in a viral video posted on Facebook just days before Valentine's Day, gazes out a car window and basks in ennui while mulling her romantic fate. Her suitor is "sweet and romantic, but I think I'm too young to have a boyfriend," Quinn tells her mom, Sloane Heffernan. "I don't want to break his heart."

Heffernan, a TV anchor-reporter for WRAL in North Carolina, investigates: "How do you feel about him?"

Replies Quinn, "I feel different."

The daughter ponders her options, then concludes, "I guess I'll just tell him; it's the only thing I can do. I guess I'll just tell him it's time to break up."

The mom's caption to the Facebook video says it all: "Serious boy troubles for Quinn. ‪#‎TheStruggleIsReal‬ ‪#‎GodHelpMe‬."

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In a Wednesday email to, Heffernan described Quinn as a "very precocious and funny" girl, adding, "I like to say that she is 5 going on 25!" Her daughter's musings, she wrote, are a major reason Heffernan is always camera ready, "because you never know what Quinn is going to say next!"

At the end of the video, as Quinn seems resolved to break up, her mom asks, "How do you think he's going to handle the news?"

Laments Quinn, "I don't know," as she rests her chin on her fist and looks toward the floor mats.

"I think he'll be OK," concludes Heffernan.

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According to Heffernan's email, Quinn did indeed "break up" with the boy and claimed that she told him, "I should have done this a long, long time ago."

In her conversation with, the mom emphasized that Quinn, well, likes to tell a good story. "She is a born actress," Heffernan added. "She likes to have conversations where she pretends that she is a 'grown-up.' The car conversation was very similar. A lot of people have been quick to judge us as parents raising a 'boy-crazy girl.' Nothing could be further from the truth. She's just a very articulate girl with a great imagination."

Although the Facebook video's 59,000 views have given the mom pause — "It's a reminder to think twice about what you put on the Internet," she wrote — Quinn is getting a kick out of her sudden, international stardom.

"She was going to a Daddy-Daughter Dance at church on Saturday night," Heffernan wrote, "and she said to my husband, 'Are any of my fans going to be there?'"

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