Watch Kelly Clarkson reveal 'awesome' Christmas gift for daughter River Rose

/ Source: TODAY

Kelly Clarkson's adorable 2-year-old daughter, River Rose, is in for a sweet surprise this Christmas.

"We got her this really cool pimped-out electric car," Clarkson told TODAY this week. "And it's so too much, but it's awesome. She's going to be so excited. She's that kid who thinks everything is magical. Like pencils — she thinks those are magical. So, I'm so elated to see her face on Christmas morning, when it's sitting outside."

The "Piece by Piece" singer, who welcomed son Remy earlier this year, added that there will be plenty more under their family's tree.

"She got a bike as well. I'm not as excited about that, because she can't really ride a bike yet. But I'm that mom who just goes to Target and buys everything because I get so excited because she's the firstborn. I hope I do that with Remy, or he's going to be in therapy for something."

Clarkson also reminisced about a particularly special Christmas gift of her own.

"One of my favorites was, I got a keyboard. And we didn't have hardly any money at all — definitely not enough money for a keyboard," she said. "And my mom, they pitched in, I guess, and got me a keyboard and I wrote my first songs on that keyboard and I lived on it and taught myself how to play and everything. It didn't stick, because I don't play well, but I know enough to write songs. I really got into music with that keyboard, so way to go, mom."

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Watch the full video above to find out more about Clarkson's holiday traditions — and which classic movie she'd like to remake!