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Watch Katherine Heigl sing 'embarrassing' back-to-school cheer for daughters

Hear the actress belt out a peppy song — and see the cringes it earns her!
Katherine Heigl
NBC/NBCU Photo Bank
/ Source: TODAY

She may be a star on the big and small screens, but Katherine Heigl is also one really relatable mama.

If you need any proof of that point, just check out this back-to-school video the 40-year-old actress shared on Instagram in which she gives her girls a very sweet and oh-so-embarrassing musical sendoff.

"First day of school for my gorgeous girls!" she wrote in the caption that accompanied the clip. "Yeah...I came up with an embarrassing cheer this morning laying in bed and couldn’t wait to sing it for them. The good news is...I did not do this in front of their classmates!"

However, she did upload it to social media, where it already has more than 85,000 likes from fans, followers and sympathetic parents.

In the video, the mom points the camera at her oldest child, Naleigh, and sings, "My name is Nay Nay. I’m 10 years old. Today’s my first day of middle school."

That earns Heigl a sweet smile and a big wave — or maybe it is a move-along gesture. Either way, that's when the actress turns her attention to younger daughter Adalaide.

"My name is Addie," Heigl begins, but at just the mention of her nickname, Adalaide's eyes open wide — and get wider as the scene plays on. "I’m 7 years old. When God made me, he broke the mold!"

The little one then cringes and looks mortified about the whole experience, but Mom is committed to finishing the cheer.

"Today’s the first day of second grade. I’m gonna be ... " Heigl trails off as husband Josh Kelly chimes in with, "... super brave!"

Adalaide keeps up her look of disapproval, but eagle-eyed viewers might notice there is a hint of a smile, too.

Both girls flash big smiles in the photos outside of their respective schools that follow. (Be sure to click or swipe through the post to see them all.)

As for Heigl and Kelly's son, Joshua Jr., he's still too young for school, but the "Suits" star offered up a peek at him in another clip all the same.

In that post, Heigl lets her look-alike 2-year-old do the talking. There aren't any cheers, cringes or waves, just a whole lot of excitement over a tractor he sees on TV.

But just give it time, Josh Jr.!

In a couple more years, he's sure to have a song of his own — whether he wants one or not.