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Watch Julianne Hough surprise her mom with a new house

Marriann Hough had the sweetest reaction to the Mother's Day surprise!
/ Source: TODAY

Julianne Hough wanted to get her mom an extra special gift for Mother's Day, so she decided to surprise her with a new house.

"My Mother has given given given..... it's now her time to receive. Happy Mother’s Day Momma!" Hough wrote on Instagram.

Marriann Hough seemed genuinely shocked by her daughter's sweet Mother's Day gift and smiled proudly for a photo in front of her cozy new home.

Julianne Hough also captured her mom's adorable and proud reaction in a series of videos she shared on social media.

"Is this your house, Mom?" Julianne Hough asked from behind the camera as her mom checked out her new front porch.

"This is my house! I can't believe it," Marriann Hough said as she gave the railing a big hug.

She then noticed a big tree in her front yard.

"Oh, no! Look at this. I love trees!" she said as she walked over to the tree and wrapped her arms around it.

But perhaps the sweetest hug of all was saved for her daughter. In one video, Marriann Hough embraced Julianne, who told her mom to wrap her legs around her as she picked her up for a giant hug.

"Tangle time!" Julianne said as they both laughed.

Her brother, Derek Hough, also commented on the post and thanked their mother for all of the love and support she has given them over the years.

"Love you momma," he said. "The care and selflessness you have shown for so many years is inspiring. You’re a light. Love you."