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Watch John Travolta (as a typical embarrassing dad) teach daughter how to park

We've got to applaud you, Ella Travolta, for keeping your cool.
/ Source: TODAY

Parallel parking is pretty daunting — even for the most seasoned drivers.

But when you're getting schooled in parking techniques with your dad nagging you from the backseat, and your dad happens to be John Travolta, and the whole ordeal's being broadcast on national TV, well...we have to applaud you, Ella Travolta, for keeping your cool.

When John and 16-year-old Ella (along with mom Kelly Preston) joined Ellen DeGeneres recently, the talk show host got a few necessary questions out of the way first, including asking if his daughter was dating.

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Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

"I don't interfere with that," John interrupted in typical humiliating dad fashion. "And I'm saving her because she has two guys that she hangs out with and I don't ask her anything about what they say or do with each other."

But because that comment alone wasn't quite embarrassing enough, John also mentioned that Ella was doing a great job at her driving lessons, but that she hadn't yet got around to parallel parking. "We'll have to learn that for the test at some point," he said.

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"Why don't we do that today? Why don't we ask you to parallel park today?" Ellen DeGeneres asked. "She can drive my car ... because also, I can sue him."


Ah, okay. Even more reassuring for poor Ella.

The unlikely trio made their way to the parking lot, and a rightfully fearful Ellen pondered her fate as she hopped in the backseat with John.

Meanwhile, an equally fearful Ella queried, "Wait, is it on?" — referring to, uh, the car.

"There you go, honey," John cooed in his dad falsetto as Ella managed to turn the key and get the car running. "See that? She's a genius ... Look at this, look at my genius girl."

Meanwhile, Ellen wasn't quite as enthusiastic about being stuck in a car with a teenager-in-training.

"Wait, that's not good," she commented about Ella's parking skills as they came close to hitting the car behind them. "That's so close to hitting that car."

Thankfully, no movie stars were hurt in the process. Ellen and John appear to be just fine when the nail-biting event came to a close. Phew.

As for Ella's psyche, though? We can't say for certain whether it emerged unscathed that day.