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/ Source: TODAY
By Ree Hines

All babies are precious and adorable, but according to Ellen DeGeneres, some are a little more precious and adorable than others.

That's what led the talk show host to dub herself "a professional baby rater," and the latest little ones she's decided to stack up are awfully familiar.

In honor of Hoda Kotb's recent visit to her show, Ellen decided to play a round of "Rate My Baby: TODAY Show Edition."

Since we have a few wee ones in the family, she "thought this would be a good time to compare all the babies at the TODAY and rate them to see who has the best baby."

"Oh, no," Hoda said.

Oh, yes!

There's no doubt that Hoda hit the jackpot when her daughter, Haley Joy, entered her life and made her a mom, but would she hit it again when Ellen rated her little girl up against Savannah Guthrie's handsome fella, Charley, Dylan Dreyer's cutie, Calvin, and Jenna Bush Hager's delightful daughter, Poppy?

Well ...

After browsing a few photos — which, as far as we're concerned, are picture-perfect proof of a four-way tie — Ellen shared the results.

Things started out strong for Charley, who earned six points just for dressing up like a pineapple in his pic. Add that to his big blue eyes and he landed a total of 11 points. Not bad for a scale that only goes up to 10.

But then came Calvin.

"Everyone knows it's four points per tooth," Ellen noted as she looked at a shot with his two chompers on display. "So that's eight right there."

Combined with the rest of his score, he ended up with 12.

As for Poppy? Since she had a former president in her picture (great grandpa George H.W. Bush), she earned enough bonus points to put her ahead of the guys with 16.

Then it was all down to Haley Joy.

Things didn't look so good at first, when a poorly-strapped stroller led to "minus five points for bad parenting," but Hoda hardly had time to cringe over that before learning that her baby's bunny ears were worth big points.

In the end, Haley Joy won with 21 out of a possible 10 points in the all-for-laughs competition.

But mom was the big winner. Hoda went home with a 6-foot-tall trophy and a year's supply of diapers.

Also back home? The best prize of all: Haley Joy!