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Watch Crew Gaines steal the show in Joanna's new Magnolia video

Joanna and Chip Gaines' youngest child is prominently featured in the fall 2019 Magnolia Market preview video.
/ Source: TODAY

Magnolia Market's new fall 2019 promotional video was originally meant to throw a spotlight on the Waco, Texas, store and brand started by Joanna and Chip Gaines. But this season there was a bit of a hitch.

That's because the youngest member of the Gaines clan, Crew, 1, totally stole the show!

In the video, released on YouTube and Magnolia's website Thursday, mom Joanna is shown explaining the theme behind Magnolia's design and products for the fall: wholeness. But as she totes around Crew through the workshop, the store and the still-in-progress additions (which will include a coffee shop), Crew is always there to make things even cuter!

Joanna Gaines and Crew do a thorough inventory inspection of Magnolia.
Joanna Gaines and Crew do a thorough inventory inspection of Magnolia.Magnolia/YouTube

For one thing, Crew is now running around. "A year ago he was in my arms, sleeping most of the time," says Gaines in the video. "Now he's walking and I definitely I have to keep my eyes on him. It's a different ballgame."

Still, it makes her nostalgic for when her other children (Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie) were at that stage; she refers to them as "shop babies" with "dirty feet."

Crew's becoming a "shop baby"!
Crew's becoming a "shop baby"!Magnolia/YouTube

"It just reminds me of the good old days," she adds.

So there's Crew tugging on the designs as Mom smiles along, Crew toddling down a hallway exploring, Crew learning how to pet the new puppy Chip recently brought home. Though at this age, that "petting" is somewhere between a caress and a slap.

Toddlers need instructions on how to handle adorable pups.
Toddlers need instructions on how to handle adorable pups.Magnolia/YouTube

"I thought we were maxed out with dogs, but ..." Joanna grins. "We now have six dogs. We like to say this is Crew's puppy."

One day, Crew, this will all be yours!
One day, Crew, this will all be yours!Magnolia/YouTube

Well, they are very sweet together, as is the whole video. Be sure to check it out: It'll make you want to go shopping and give you the warm fuzzies, thanks to Crew!