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Watch this boy use his stellar golf swing to pull out loose tooth

Lots of kids look forward to losing their first tooth, but 6-year-old Maxton Price and his dad took this matter seriously.
/ Source: TODAY

We all know the tie-your-tooth-to-the-doorknob trick. But what about tying your tooth to a golf ball and teeing off?

Lots of kids look forward to losing their first tooth (or even their second, third and fourth!), but 6-year-old Maxton Price and his dad took the matter seriously.

“His dad likes to golf, and Maxton likes to golf as well,” Maxton’s mother, Tasha Price, told TODAY. “And my husband just had the idea to drill the hole through the golf ball.”

Why, you ask? So that Maxton could take out his own tooth with the simple swing of his golf club.

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While most kids would be shaking in their boots, Maxton was relaxed, which isn’t unusual for him.

“He’s a pretty calm kid about everything,” said Price. “He and his dad had the plan for a really long time."

And it worked like a charm! Maxton took one breezy stroke and knocked it out of the park… or off the back deck. That’s when they started to worry.

“After we hit the ball, we thought maybe the tooth would stay on the floss but it didn’t,” said Price. “My husband had to stay out on the back deck to look for the tooth. It took him about ten minutes, but daddy was the hero and he found it.”

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According to Price, the family took a big sigh of relief, but then Maxton had one other concern: the tooth fairy. He really didn’t want to give up his tooth, after all, he’d put all of that work into getting it out such an adventurous manner.

So instead Maxton left the tooth fairy a note, requesting that she leave his tooth.

The tooth fairy not only left a note, but a box where Maxton could store the tooth!Tasha Price

Thank goodness the tooth fairy was very understanding about the matter. She even left him a little box to store the tooth in for the long haul.

Tasha promised that the Price family will have another idea in the works for the next tooth. It turns out that Maxton also loves baseball — and that would certainly make for a home run.