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Watch this baby's adorable reaction to seeing clearly for the first time

Start your day off with a smile — by watching this baby's smile.
/ Source: TODAY
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Start your day off with a smile — by watching this baby's smile.

In a heartwarming video uploaded to Facebook, mom Jessica Sinclair can be seeing struggling to put on baby Piper's glasses. But once Jessica succeeds, adorableness ensues.

"Hi Piper!" Sinclair is heard saying in the video as Jessica gives a giant grin. The moment is not only melting hears across the Internet — it's been viewed 18 million times on Facebook — but it also made the TODAY anchors smile.

"I can't take it," Savannah Guthrie said when watching the video. "That is the cutest!"

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Sinclair decided to get Piper's eyes check after she was not developing certain skills as quickly as expected.

“We started to notice that she was having issues reaching her milestone of crawling. So at her regular pediatric check they did an eye screening and saw that she might have had a slight astigmatism," Jessica Sinclair told WKRC Cincinnati.

An eye exam showed that Piper was actually farsighted and needed some specs to see, with a prescription of +7.00 in one eye and +9.00 in the other, WKRC reported. After picking up the glasses the family decided to go out for a meal and try on Piper's new frames, which is when Sinclair captured Piper's reaction.

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While the video is positively adorable, Sinclair hopes it will raise awareness on the importance of eye exams starting at a young age, according to WKRC.

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