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Watch this baby's delighted reaction as he hears his parents' voices for the first time

Baby Archer has the most heartwarming reaction when he hears his parents' voices for the first time after receiving a pair of hearing aids.
/ Source: TODAY

After being diagnosed with hearing loss when he was three weeks old, Archer Ruiz had yet to have that magical moment when he heard his parents' voices for the first time.

Following a two-month wait, parents Taryn and Drew Ruiz, 26, from Oklahoma City were able to get their baby boy fitted for hearing aids with the help of Oklahoma-based Hearts for Hearing, leading up to a moment they will never forget.

With Archer's grandparents filming the scene, Taryn and Drew are shown each talking to Archer as he recognizes their voices for the first time.

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"Archer. Archer. Hey buddy,'' Taryn says.

"Can you hear us, man?" Drew asks.

A stunned look soon gives way to a big smile for the 3-month-old boy, followed by a few baby laughs.

"It was unreal,'' Taryn told TODAY. "When we learned about Archer's hearing loss our hearts broke for him. When we turned on his hearing aids and he heard me say 'Archer,' I felt so much relief and joy because, for the first time, I was able to calm him down using my voice. It was so special and so beautiful."

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The proud dad then begins to sing a goofy song for his son.

"He was always a happy baby, but now he is smiling and laughing at new sounds all the time, more than before,'' Taryn said. "He loves to hear himself 'talk,' and he loves when people talk to him. He smiles so much when his dad plays guitar for him, something his dad had done many times before the hearing aids, but it's so fun to see Archer finally hearing it and reacting to it."

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