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/ Source: TODAY
By Scott Stump

This tiny wrestler employed a bold strategy in his first match: If you can't be caught, you can't be pinned.

When the whistle sounded, the 4-year-old boy quickly made his decision about whether he was going to grapple with the young girl across from him. Nope!

The little girl eventually catches up with him and gets him on the mat for a potential pin, but his ability to escape is clearly a strength. He wriggles free and then takes off again to turn the match back into a game of tag.

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The video was originally posted on Instagram and shared with ESPN by the Ohio boy's mom, Lexie Timbs, who jokingly followed with an update before his next match.

"Warmed up and ready for running away!" she wrote.

It didn't take long for him to shake off his initial jitters, as Timbs noted in an Instagram comment that he has finished in the top four of most of his tournaments since then.

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That's no surprise, given that her husband and the boy's father is Nickolai Timbs, the director of operations for Ohio State's wrestling team and a former wrestler for the Buckeyes.

It probably won't be too long until opponents are running from him.

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