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Adorable little girl freaks out from too much cotton candy at a baseball game

A little girl at Wednesday night's Seattle Mariners appeared to short-circuit from too much cotton candy.
/ Source: TODAY

This adorable baseball fan shows what can happen when you've reached peak sugar high.

A little girl at Wednesday night's Seattle Mariners game was so delirious after sawing through some blue cotton candy that her body appeared to short-circuit.

Little Beatrix looked like she was close to plotting world domination before being interrupted by the sweet sugar explosion. Her father, Jake Hart, can be seen roaring in approval next to her at the wacky moment.

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After the Mariners posted the video on Twitter, family friend John McCallum chimed in to say the family had come all the way from New Jersey to see the Mariners take on the Texas Rangers.

The cotton candy — plus the excitement of Seattle's Adam Lind hitting both a grand slam and a solo home run — apparently helped give Beatrix the stamina to stay awake even though she was operating on Eastern time.

Lind may have done heavy lifting, but Beatrix was the true star of the Mariners' 8-3 win over the Texas Rangers.

She even earned an honorary "swelmet," the plastic Darth Vader-style helmet that has served as a good-luck charm for the team.

Alas, after the peak must come the valley. After her work charging up the home crowd and doubling cotton candy sales was done, Beatrix crashed on the way home, no doubt dreaming of neon sugary goodness.

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