Watch this adorable little girl cheer on her dad while he styles her hair

/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to kids, usually parents are the ones doing the encouraging. But sometimes, moms and dads can use a pick-me-up, too.

That goes especially for fathers attempting the daunting task of styling their daughters' hair. For Texas dad Derrick Culpepper, it was a lot less intimidating thanks to his 4-year-old daughter, Linda, encouraging him the whole way.

In a video posted in October 2015 that is now getting wide attention online, Linda, then 3, gives her dad directions on how to brush her hair in the style known as "Mickey Mouse ears" before she heads to school.

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In between pointers, she tells him him things like, "You're getting it down, you're almost done, you're doing a good job!"

"Daddy's trying the best I can,'' Culpepper replies.

The father from Rowlett, Texas, near Dallas, posted the video hoping to inspire parents and kids to give each other encouragement. He also credits his wife, Lakisha, with being a positive presence who is always stressing positivity for her children to see.

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Culpepper noted in the video description that he has been a barber for almost his entire adult life — yet he still has trouble with his daughter's hair. Her kind words definitely helped.

"I was just so encouraged by what she was saying that I was like, 'Man, I better capture this on video,'" Culpepper told NBC Dallas. "I'm just wanting to be a vessel, show the savior, through my character and through the way that I raise my family."

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