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Watch this 6-year-old boy dance and ring a bell to celebrate end of chemo treatments

Wearing his Superman cape, a 6-year-old boy celebrated the end of a year's worth of chemotherapy treatments with a happy dance and a ringing bell.
/ Source: TODAY

The ring of a clanging bell never sounded so good to this 6-year-old boy who just completed a year of chemotherapy.

Six-year-old Jimmy Spagnolo broke into his happy dance while wearing a Superman cape as he rang a bell at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh on Feb. 2nd, celebrating the end of his latest round of chemotherapy to shrink an inoperable brain tumor he's had since he was an infant.

"The bell signifies so many emotions – it can signify the sound of tears, strength, fear, courage, doubt, satisfaction, relief and happiness all coming through as one as people around them cheer this accomplishment,''officials wrote on the hospital's Facebook page. "The sound of that bell resonates in more ways than one. The emotion in the room is just unbelievable."

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Jimmy's family is hopeful that the video can inspire other parents grappling with their children's battle with life-threatening illnesses. Many of them responded in the Facebook comments that they can't wait until their own child rings the bell.

"By watching and sharing in this joyous moment, people have decided to open up their hearts and to be part of our story,'' Jimmy's mother, Lacie Spagnolo, wrote on her blog. "Our victory of ringing a bell signifies the ending of a year of chemotherapy (hopefully the last one ever)!!!!"

The bell was donated by the family of a boy named Drue Storm, who endured three years of treatments and is now healthy, according to Lacie Spagnolo.

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"When I originally read the plaque next to it I kind of welled up inside, it pulled all those tough emotions right out of me,'' she wrote on Facebook. "It read, 'The sound that you hear as it rings true and loud is of courage and strength that makes me feel proud. Those around me helped me battle all day and all night. I hope others hear this bell and continue to fight!!"

Jimmy also has been an inspiration to his classmates at school, who had a heartwarming celebration for him after his fourth round of chemotherapy for a tumor that was found when he was four months old.

Lacie also received an email from his principal about an assembly to raise money for kids with cancer in which other students showed their support for the brave young boy.

"The presenter started with a question. Immediately a child shouted out, 'Jimmy beat cancer!''' Lacie wrote on Facebook. "Another one said, 'Jimmy is our superhero. He is strong and brave!' It happened so fast the faculty didn't even know who said it, but it made a resonating impact on the entire student body."

"The celebration that they had for him at school is being embraced by the children that surround him every day," Lacie added. "I'm in awe. Those children now know that anything is possible."

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