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Watch this 1-year-old drummer rock out

This kid goes way beyond prodigy status. His drumming skills are unbelievable!
/ Source: TODAY

Most of us at the age of 1 are still learning to walk, but not this little boy.

LJ is a 1-year-old from Southern California who can't keep his hands off the drums, and he's got the beat! A video, posted by LJ's father, Justin Wilson, 35, has already racked up more than 1 million views since it was posted to Facebook last week.

It's safe to say music is in LJ's blood — both of his parents are musicians. Justin Wilson plays piano and his wife, Shelana Wilson, 31, is a singer.

"I don’t play the drums and neither does my wife, so it’s even more special that it’s just inside of him," Justin Wilson told TODAY.

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LJ started playing the drums at 13 months, though he's been tapping his foot and clapping to the beat since he was just 4 months old.

Though LJ has always had hand drums, such as bongos, his parents say one night he started playing them like a true drum set, and that was where it all started. Wilson went on Amazon that night and ordered LJ a drum kit.

"Once he got some sticks in his hand, it was clear that he was gifted," Wilson said. "I’m a musician so I was like 'whoa' — he's doing something pretty complicated."

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Wilson and LJ love to have jam sessions together.

"He’s just so cool," Wilson said. "I'm legitimately having fun with my 1-year-old."

Currently, LJ's favorite music is by the jazz group Snarky Puppy, but he enjoys other genres such as gospel and, more recently, opera.

Though it's not clear what's next for LJ, his parents are just enjoying the ride.

"We definitely are the type to just let him figure it out and providing him with whatever he needs," Wilson said. "Right now, it’s just about having fun."

Check out LJ's Facebook page for more music from the little prodigy!